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In September 2021, the Policy Council agreed to a workplan that prioritised issues as guided by Sheep Producers Australia’s Annual Operating Plan.


This included agreeing a policy position, advocacy strategy and approach to addressing the risks or opportunities that the policy presented for the industry. 

The workplan focused on issues of traceability, aversive husbandry procedures and climate change. The development and agreement of these policy priorities is the main priority of the Policy Council, but it is not the sole objective. The Council must also ensure that policy is advocated to stakeholders and is monitored and adjusted where necessary. This process is achieved via a continuous process of reviewing political and environmental factors, as well as reviewing where industry levies are being allocated.


Market Access and Trade Barriers

Economic and technical trade barriers are reduced and export markets are developed and defended. 


Maximising Value

Adoption and recognition of a cuts-based Meat Standards Australia (MSA) for sheepmeat, supported by proactive
on-farm practice change initiatives for improved carcase outcomes.


Sheep Supply

Critical priorities are identified to provide strategic direction to grow and improve the quantity and quality of the Australian sheep flock. 


Accelerated Research Development and adoption

Nationally and regionally relevant research, development and adoption priorities are identified and funded.


Sheep Welfare Practices

Industry policy and best practice supports high standards of welfare and drives continuous improvement.


Sustainability and Carbon Neutrality

Industry has an understanding of the carbon emissions intensity of the Australian sheep industry and viable pathways to appropriate emissions reductions.


National Traceability

A uniform national traceability system is in place that meets the National Traceability Performance Standards.


Consumer and Community Trust

Consumer and community support for industry products and practices.

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