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Sheep Producers Australia Limited (SPA) is the successor entity to Sheepmeat Council of Australia Inc (SCA). SCA was formed in 1978 and was the peak national body representing and promoting the interests of sheep producers in Australia since that time.

SPA was established in November 2017 as the result of a detailed governance review of SCA and extensive member consultation and input.

The appointment of SPA Board Directors is based on skills. The Board comprises a minimum of four and maximum of seven member-elected directors and up to two Board-appointed members. There are to be no more than two Board Directors from any one state. The Board elects a Chair and Member-elected directors are elected based on requirements set out in the Board Composition and Director Eligibility Policy, and after review by the Board Selection Committee.

The Finance Audit and Risk Management Committee is comprised of individuals elected to the Board as well as other individuals appointed to fill any skills and experience gaps.

The Policy Council is the engine room of Sheep Producers Australia. As an organisation with national influence, Sheep Producers Australia is a leader in the industry and is responsible for looking beyond state borders and jurisdictions and advocate for issues that are not confined to individual regions or enterprises.

Sheep Producers Australia policy and advocacy vision can be summarised under three key objectives:

  • Enabling producers to influence government policy and drive change in their industry

  • Engaging with members to provide a united voice on national industry issues

  • Solving emerging industry issues and advocating with contemporary science and farming knowledge

The activities of the Sheep Producers Australia Policy Council are closely linked to the Red Meat 2030, the Sheep Sustainability Framework and the Sheep Producers Australia Strategic Plan for its content, direction, and monitoring.

As one unit with oversight over all policy matters, the Policy Council ensures that Sheep Producers Australia policy agenda is strategic, disciplined, and focused, seeking to develop policy and advocate on issues that are relevant to the sheep industry.


Sheep Producers Australia Governance Architecture Fact Sheet


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