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The Sheep Producers Australia Leadership Network connects sheep producers and people working in the industry who share the goal of driving industry growth and success. It’s a national network open to everyone in the sheep industry.


It’s an opportunity to develop, connect and contribute. The Leadership Network provides opportunities to exchange ideas, share knowledge and contribute to the development of industry initiatives.

Why is the Leadership Network Important?

The purpose of the Leadership Network is to accelerate the development of current and future leaders to ensure strong leadership for the long-term success of the Australian sheep industry.

Sheep Producers Australia is proud to coordinate the Leadership Network and recognises the importance of confident and competent people in driving our industry forward and values the investment in Building Future Leaders and Positioning the Industry for a strong future. Sheep Producers Australia wants to champion leaders in the industry and upskill them to take on greater roles in the future.


The key areas of focus for the leadership programs are:

  • Strategic thinking

  • Policy development

  • Advocating for industry

  • Good governance


We are currently reviewing the content of programs based on feedback from course alumni and tailoring to the needs of industry for 2024.

As part of our involvement with the Global Sheep Forum we are releasing

bi-monthly Next Generation podcasts if you want to sign up to be notified and to join the network you can sign up here.

The Leadership Network is supported by Meat & Livestock Australia and the Australian Government Leadership in Agricultural Industries Fund.

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