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Voices of Live Sheep Export Political Engagement Support and Resources

The Federal Governments panel on the phasing out of the live sheep export by sea trade has called for submissions from those impacted. 


It is important that your voice is heard otherwise all the government will hear is why the trade should be closed.

Farmers, Transporters, Stockies, Shearers, everyone who works within the industry supply chain this is your chance to make your voice heard on why the trade is important to your business, family and community.

The webinar presentation recording is available below.


Submissions have now closed so we are encouraging you to write to your local, state and federal politicians a template and contact details are below.

Resource Changing Live Sheep Export Brochure - LiveCorp here

Let’s Work Together

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Political engagement Key points for producers and live export

supply chain participants:

  • It is important to personalise your letter and include what impact a future without live sheep export by sea would have on you, your family, your business, your neighbour, and your community. Provide clear examples where possible. 

  • You may also consider including references to loss of community services, mental health, risk of less sheep numbers in the State and the economic impact, the flow on effect to your community if there was to be a future without live sheep export by sea. 

  • If you are writing to your own Member of Parliament, mention that you live in their electorate early in the letter and please use language that is clear and respectful, this is about the independent consultation process not the person you are writing to.


WA has 27 Federal politicians, and all are contactable in their own individual contact form on the Parliament of Australia website at this link or their emails. 

Please find a list of contact details for key politicians here

Letter template you can use to write to your local electorate, state and federal politicians is here

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