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Sheep Producers Australia recruiting for three Non-Executive Directors

8 June 2023

“Sheep Producers Australia’s role is to advocate for better business outcomes, monitoring investment of producer levies and improving information flow up and down the value chain. This is delivered through consultation with industry and government to ensure levy investment is clearly directed and producers’ best interests are met through the provision of research and development, services, programs, and marketing.”


Sheep Producers Australia is governed by a skills-based board, comprised of a minimum of four and maximum of seven Non-Executive member elected Directors and up to two Board-appointed Independent Directors and is currently recruiting for three Non-Executive member elected Directors.


Working with Sheep Producers Australia’s Policy Council, Directors will be able to advocate for the sheepmeat sector, whilst providing the governance oversight required for the organisation to successfully perform its essential role.


Sheep Producers Australia is the voice on issues that affect sheep production businesses working with members, service providers, government, and stakeholders.


“Directors of Sheep Producers Australia play a vital role in ensuring the organisation is professional and efficient, capable of retaining the trust of all stakeholders in providing the best advice on both policy matters and the direction of levy expenditure.”


Quotes can be attributed to Mr Andrew Spencer Chair Sheep Producers Australia


Applications close 11.59pm Sunday 9 July 2023 AEST.


Details on how to apply for the Non-Executive member elected Director positions are here.


The current Sheep Producers Australia Board Members are here.

Media Inquiries

Annie Frisch

General Manager Public Relations

m 0455 999 130

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