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Sheep Producers Australia Limited is recruiting for Non-Executive Board Directors at the upcoming 2023 Annual General Meeting.

Sheep Producers Australia (SPA) is the National Peak Industry Body for the Australian Sheep Meat Industry.  Based in Canberra, our purpose is to be a strategic leader working to benefit Australia’s sheep industry to achieve a productive, profitable, and sustainable future. 
SPA’s vision is to be a trusted influencer, leader and advisor for Australian sheep producers, industry, and government. 
SPA is governed by a skills-based board, comprised of a minimum of four and maximum of seven Non-
Executive member elected Directors and up to two Board-appointed Independent Directors.

SPA is currently recruiting for Non-Executive Member elected Directors.

Working with the SPA Policy Council, Directors will be able to advocate for the sheep meat sector, whilst providing the governance oversight required for the organisation to perform an essential role.
If you would like additional information please contact the Company Secretary at

Applications for Non-Executive Board Directors positions close Sunday 9 July 2023 

To Apply download the information pack

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