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Statement I Sheep Producers Australia commends Senators Political Stance and Support

28 June 2024

Sheep Producers Australia would like to commend and publicly acknowledge the Senators, especially Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie, and Senator David Pocock, who have backed an inquiry into the live export of sheep by sea phase-out legislation and for the support they have shown our rural communities.


They have shown they believe policy has to be based on evidence and science, and that policy needs to be developed through appropriate consultation and a fair and just process.


Sheep Producers Australia has consistently and publicly called for and acknowledged that there needed to be adequate time and resources invested to explore the complex impacts of this policy from the very beginning of this process. However, the process has rolled on and seems more focused on political timelines than the issues and impacts on regional communities. 


Almost half of the package is taken up to fund government activities and where is Labor’s promise to ensure that no one is left behind and that no one is worse off if this policy is implemented. 


“Farmgate competition has not been addressed, the impact on communities has not been addressed, and poor consultation and process have not been addressed. Industry has said that this is not ok, and we are asking Senators to use their vote to show that it is not ok to railroad rural communities with bad policy and inappropriate processes.” Bindi Murray Sheep Producers Australia Board Director and WA Producer.


The brutal and unfair nature of this process has inspired a record number of engagements with the panel and the House of Representatives inquiry.


Thousands of people have taken the time to put in a submission, to tell their story, their neighbours' story, and how this will impact their communities - yet no one has been able to hold the government to account on its poor process and there are submissions that have not even been read.


Sheep Producers Australia remains committed to genuine and robust engagement with Government to ensure Australia has a productive, profitable and sustainable sheep industry.


28 June 2024


Media to Annie Frisch 0455 999 130

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