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New Directors elected at Sheep Producers Australia Annual General Meeting

30 Nov 2023

Sheep Producers Australia is pleased to announce that Mr Andrew Henderson has been elected to one of the two Board Director positions at yesterday’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). As a national body our vision is to be a trusted influencer, leader and advisor for Australian sheep producers, industry, and government.

Andrew is a leading strategic policy specialist with a passion for building the sustainability and prosperity of rural and regional Australia and enhancing the recognition of its role in the economy and its place in national security.

“I’d like to thank the members of Sheep Producers Australia for their confidence in electing me as a Board Director. This organisation has a critical role to play on behalf of producers and I am excited to serve and support the industry, particularly to help the industry and government to understand each other and work better together for the benefit of the nation.” Andrew Henderson.

“Andrew works across private enterprise, industry, not-for-profits, and governments and is a published author on biosecurity, food security, national security, agricultural supply chains along with other matters of national interest. We welcome Andrew’s appointment and look forward to working with him and having his contribution to the Board.” Andrew Spencer Independent Chair.

Sheep Producers Australia is pleased to advise that Ms Bindi Murray has been reappointed for a third and final term and would like to acknowledge the important role that Mr Robert Herrmann brought to the Board as he retires.

“I am looking forward to continuing my work with the Sheep Producers Australia’s Board and team. I believe that science is at the heart of agriculture and that part of our roles advocating for ongoing support for our producers and demonstrating strategic leadership for Australia’s sheep industry for a productive, profitable, and sustainable future” Bindi Murray.

“The Board, staff and members would like to thank Robert for his time on the Board and the excellent contribution he has made. We welcome the re-appointment of Bindi and acknowledge the importance of having her knowledge and producer perspective in Board discussions and decisions.”

“The Board will continue to support and guide the organisation as it continues to evolve in a positive direction around building the professionalism, high levels of governance and performance orientation required for an effective representative body to support producers and the sheep industry.” Andrew Spencer.


Annie Frisch GM Public Relations

0455 999 130

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