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Nation-wide review of market structures compiled in new SPA report

21 Jan 2018

Nation-wide review of market structures compiled in new SPA report

22 January 2018

Sheep Producers Australia (SPA) has today released an investigative report that sets the foundation for its focus in 2018 to strengthen Australia’s sheepmeat market structures and systems.

The independent report, Sheepmeat Market Structures and Systems Investigation, was commissioned by Meat & Livestock Australia at SPA’s request. It will guide the Australian sheep industry in developing an evidence-based policy response to findings delivered to the red meat industry by recent parliamentary and statutory authority inquiries in 2017.

These inquiries include the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Cattle and Beef Market Study and the Senate Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport.

The report provides an overview of the sheepmeat industry and current state of the market and looks at the drivers for change historically, currently and forecast in future.

It analyses methods of selling, differences between markets across Australia, price reporting, over-the-hook grading, and barriers to entry in the processing sector.

SPA President Allan Piggott said the report provided an in-depth stocktake of current practices that can be used as a foundation in developing policy that encompasses the whole supply chain.

“In partnership with supply chain representatives, the sheep industry is uniquely positioned to harness the report’s insights and take a methodical, evidence-based, outcome-driven approach to developing practical industry policy that benefits all participants,” Mr Piggott said.

“We have published the report today to provide an opportunity for discussion and input into the policy making process by all sheep industry stakeholders.

“This is the first step in the policy development process. SPA – with input from our state farming organisation members and supply chain partners – will work on evaluating the report and drafting a sheep industry response during February and March to the parliamentary and statutory authority inquiries.

“For any individuals or organisations that would like to directly provide input into the process, please contact the SPA office.”

The report is available at or contact the SPA office on 02 6269 5610.

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