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Annual Global Sheep Producers Forum group meet in Canada

11 Nov 2022

Members of the GSPF include the American Lamb Board, Beef + Lamb New Zealand, British National Sheep Association, Canadian Sheep Federation, National Sheep Association, National Wool Growers’ Association of South Africa, and Sheep Producers Australia (SPA).

The aim of the GSPF is to provide a common voice for the global sheep community that reflects our collective vision of the future sustainability of the sector. The GSPF strives to foster global collaboration in order to develop evidenced and united positions and collective actions that address the shared challenges and opportunities facing those in the sheep industry irrespective of global boundaries.

“The world’s growing demand for sustainably produced food and fibre means that sheep production globally has the opportunity and responsibility to build confidence and trust in the integrity of sheepmeat products. That’s why collaborating, forming, and strengthening these relationships in the GSPF is so important.” Bonnie Skinner SPA CEO.

Sustainable sheep production across the world is based on providing consumers with high quality food and fibre products in a way that sustains the sheep industry and its families, supports rural communities, and improves the capacity of the environment to provide for the needs of future generations.

“The GSPF was developed to provide a platform for collaboration across the global sheep community to work together on demonstrating and improving sustainable sheep production and to support and mentor the next generation. If production is sustainable, then people, businesses, animals, and the environment all benefit.” Ms Skinner.

The Next Generation Global Sheep Forum is an important aspect of the GSPF and one of its purposes is to share information and support sheep farming around the world by connecting young farmers through an interview recorded as a podcast and hosted by AgWatchers.

The first two podcasts were launched this month.

“Our aim with AgWatchers is to educate but also to entertain, to have engaging conversations with those involved in agriculture. By supporting the Next Generation Global Sheep Forum, we hope to learn from sheep producers worldwide, and in turn, our listeners will also gain knowledge and insights.” Andrew Whitelaw AgWatchers.

The Canadian Sheep Federation is hosting this year’s event and Bonnie Skinner SPA CEO is attending the event representing Sheep Producers Australia.


Annie Frisch

GM Public Relations 0455 999 130

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