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Announcement of the first National Agricultural Traceability Strategy

14 July 2023

The strategy outlines critical priority actions that Sheep Producers Australia has been advocating for as a part of reforms to Australia’s livestock traceability systems, including the creation of a sustainable funding model, appropriate governance mechanisms, communication initiatives to strengthen the awareness of traceability, and a nationally consistent approach to traceability regulation.

“Effective traceability relies inherently on national consistency because we trade as a nation, and the simple reality is that disease does not respect jurisdictional boundaries.”

“Traceability systems have been a critical component of Australia’s biosecurity system for decades and underpins our ability to export. As the world’s largest sheep meat exporter, we need to be ahead of the threats and opportunities that give Australia the ability to provide food security both domestically and internationally.”

Sustainable investment into traceability system reform will ensure that livestock traceability can evolve and meet future biosecurity and market access requirements, as well as unlock potential productivity gains throughout the supply chain, securing a strong future for sheep producers both domestically and within our global markets.

The ability to verify the provenance of Australian red meat products and associated attributes will help to maintain Australia’s competitive advantage and meet customers’ and consumers’ growing demand on how their food is produced.

“Ongoing collaboration though mechanisms such as the Australian Agricultural Traceability Alliance will be critical. It is only through national cooperation and collaboration that our traceability systems will evolve to the level required.”

Quotes can be attributed to Bonnie Skinner CEO Sheep Producers Australia

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