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Statement I Sheep Producers Australia dismayed at Government decisions

15 May 2024

The decision by the Albanese government to announce the live sheep by sea policy phase-out timeline on Saturday ahead of this week's budget further cements the complete and utter lack of understanding they have for our agricultural industries and support for regional Australians.


There is a complete lack of comprehension of how the live export industry operates and the devastating impact this timeline has on people's lives and livelihoods – this announcement and budget is an insult to our regional communities.


“Today Sheep Producers Australia walked out on the current Agricultural Minister’s budget speech with our fellow agricultural bodies to send a message that we and our producers have been treated with complete contempt. The four-year timeline and the minimal investment committed to transitioning our industry away from live export speaks volumes - our Agricultural Minister has walked out on us – he has walked out on our industry.”


“We are still shocked at the disrespect we were shown on Saturday by the government’s announcement and the clear alignment with the anti-farming activist bodies is appalling.”


We need to ensure that the increased risk of animal welfare events is managed, as well as the very real mental health risks and the leverage anti-farming/livestock activist groups have over this government.


“The budget does little to reassure our industry. What we have seen is the majority of agricultural funding going towards phasing out a respected, valuable and viable trade. We will continue to look at all avenues to support producers who are already dealing with challenging conditions, a lack of markets and financial strain, especially in Western Australia.”



Quotes attributed to

Mr Andrew Spencer

Chair Sheep Producers Australia

15 May 2024


Media Annie Frisch GM PR 0455 999 130

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