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Sheep Producers Australia Announces Board Appointments

4 Nov 2020

Sheep Producers Australia Announces Board Appointments


Mr Chris Mirams Sheep Producers Australia (SPA) Chair would like to officially welcome Robert Herrmann and congratulate Bindi Murray on her re-appointment to the SPA Board. “I am pleased to announce that at the SPA Annual General Meeting this week the state farming organisation members have voted. Bindi Murray has been re-appointed, and I would like to welcome Robert Herrmann to the SPA Board.” says Chris Mirams SPA Chair.

SPA works to enhance the productivity, profitability and sustainability of the Australian sheep and lamb industry and the role of the Board is crucial to developing strategy and in managing risk and compliance. “The board has a clear sense of purpose, to provide strategic leadership to the sheep industry, enabling a productive, profitable, and sustainable future. This purpose is enabled by three pillars – a sustainable organisation, providing trusted leadership and creating effective policy and advocacy.”

“Board members not only address board issues but are also very active participants in many of SPA’s activities and represent SPA on many industry organisations. I look forward to continuing to progress our goals with a Board that embraces contemporary governance and has a culture of continual improvement.” says Chris Mirams SPA Chair.

Direct Media Inquiries I 5 November 2020

Stephen Crisp

Sheep Producers Australia CEO

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Meet the Board Members I Download the 2019-20 SPA Annual Report

Bindi Murray is a proud member of the Australian agricultural industry and a commercial sheep producer at Woodanilling in Western Australia, joining 9,000 ewes to both Merino and terminal sires. Bindi’s belief that science is at the heart of agriculture led her to complete a Bachelor of Animal Science, where she focused her Honours thesis on the link between high wool production and meat quality. Bindi career has focused on technical, strategic, governance and advocacy roles in business, industry, government, and community. Bindi is a graduate of the AICD Company Directors Course and the Rabobank Executive Development program. Bindi has been a strong contributor to the SPA board.

Robert Herrmann is a Victorian farmer and part time sheep classer, but is better known as Managing Director of Mecardo, an independent market analysis business Robert established in 1996. Robert brings expertise in risk management, strategic thinking, strong communication skills, an extensive industry network and a unique insight into the sheep supply chain. He has an excellent understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the sheep industry. Robert’s experience, insight and enthusiasm for the sheep industry would be welcomed by the board.

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