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Leadersheep Scholarships & Programs – Applications Currently Open!

24 Mar 2021

Leadersheep Scholarships & Programs – Applications Currently Open!


LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS – Applications Currently Open!

Training and professional development through SPA’s Leadership Programs enables participants to understand pathways into leadership roles within SPA and the wider industry. From quick tips and tools to year-long programs, get ready to uncover the resources best suited to take your leadership to the next level.

SPA wants to champion leaders in the industry and upskill them to take on greater roles in the future.

The key areas of focus for SPA’s leadership programs are:

Strategic thinking

Policy development

Advocating for industry

Good governance


The SPA Leadersheep Program is sponsoring a range of opportunities for training and development!

We encourage you to apply to further your skills in your areas of interest.


See the Details on LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS Here

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