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The Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement offers access to the UK market for Australian sheep producers

8 May 2023

The Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement will deliver benefits and opportunities for many Australian producers. For sheepmeat this means Australia will have access to a tariff-free quota of 25,000 tonnes rising to 75,000 tonnes and tariffs eliminated after ten years.


“Through the agreement Australia is well placed to provide counter-seasonal supply to the northern hemisphere. Substantial transition quotas will allow improved access for Australian producers to provide high-quality Australian lamb to meet British customer demand.”


The security and expansion of current markets is important for Australian sheep producers and creates ongoing certainty for the industry.


This agreement demonstrates both countries commitment to free trade as a driver of economic growth and stronger bilateral relationships.


“The agreement provides a fantastic opportunity for Australian producers, is of mutual benefit to both parties and reflects a collaborative and productive partnership.”


“Sheep Producers Australia would like to acknowledge and congratulate the Prime Minister on finalising the Australia-UK relations and the years of work by the Australian Government for their commitment to this agreement.”


Quotes can be attributed to Bonnie Skinner CEO Sheep Producers Australia.

Media Annie Frisch GM Public Relations

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