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Statement I Sheep Producers Australia EU FTA Negotiations

30 Oct 2023

“This is a once in a generation opportunity for our industry to improve our market access.

In the lead up to the meetings in Osaka Sheep Producers Australia had called on Minister Farrell and Minister Watt to maintain their resolve and ambition in securing commercially viable and fairer access for Australian sheepmeat.

Both the EU and Australia had a clear understanding that they were embarking on a transformative agreement when negotiations commenced – an agreement designed to enhance trade, not stifle it.

The EU were not prepared to negotiate enough for the trade deal to be in our best interests, not moving on its highly restrictive position for Australian sheepmeat.

As the Peak Industry Council for Australian sheepmeat producers we are supportive of Minister Farrell and the Australian government holding firm and would like to thank the team who are working to achieve significantly better outcomes for Australian agriculture.

We encourage the government to maintain dialogue and continue negotiating in good faith to find a common position that offers benefits for both sides.”

Quotes can be attributed to Bonnie Skinner Sheep Producers Australia CEO

Sheep Producers Australia works daily to ensure a productive, profitable, and sustainable industry. This is achieved through Sheep Producers Australia’s Policy Council and Board, working with members, service providers, government, and many other partners. Sheep Producers Australia is the voice on issues that affect sheep production businesses.


Annie Frisch

General Manager Public Relations m 0455 999 130

30 October 2023

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