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Sheepmeat Council of Australia and Australian Meat Industry Council meet to discuss range of sheep industry issues

9 Aug 2017

Sheepmeat Council of Australia and Australian Meat Industry Council meet to discuss range of sheep industry issues

10 August 2017

Sheepmeat Council of Australia (SCA) Directors met with representatives of the Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) in Dubbo on Tuesday 8 August, as part of an ongoing program of both organisations to ensure the sheepmeat supply chain is able to take a coordinated approach to industry-wide issues.

Key topics of discussion included;

• a variety of options for a potential change to the Lamb Definition in the Australian Meat Language, including the definition itself, how to ensure ongoing compliance,

and the potential costs and benefits of making a change,

• the implementation of objective carcase measurement in the sheepmeat industry,

• a market study of the industry commissioned by SCA, and

• market access issues for sheepmeat.

The meeting was also an opportunity for SCA Board Directors and Staff and participants in the SCA’s industry leadership programs to visit Fletcher International Exports, one of the largest sheep processing plants in Australia, to gain first-hand insight into the operations of a major processor and exporter.

Sheepmeat Council of Australia CEO, Dr Kat Giles, said “our meeting was an opportunity for AMIC and SCA to work collaboratively on a range of value chain issues.

“This will ensure a whole-of-industry response to issues and commitment to ongoing profitability and sustainability throughout the sector” she said.

“Both organisations have made a firm commitment, on behalf of members, to continue to work together to strengthen the relationship between producers and processors in the Australian sheepmeat industry” said AMIC CEO, Patrick Hutchinson.

“It was agreed by both Councils that any definition beyond the New Zealand lamb definition of a sheep less than 12 months of age or which does not have any permanent incisor teeth in wear would not currently be beneficial for industry” Dr Giles said.

“An undertaking has been made that the SCA commissioned report, once finalised, will form the basis for value chain consultation’’ Mr Hutchinson said.

More information:

SCA: KATHLEEN ALLAN 0437 846 605


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