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Sheep Producers Australia welcomes the UK Free Trade Agreement negotiations

17 June 2020

Sheep Producers Australia welcomes the UK Free Trade Agreement negotiations


Sheep Producers Australia (SPA) welcomes the announcement by the Trade Minister Mr Simon Birmingham yesterday that negotiations will commence to further the United Kingdom (UK) Free Trade Agreement.

The commitment to support and assist the process of increasing engagement with our longest standing trading partner is welcomed and supported by SPA.

“Whist we have historically low sheep numbers, these negotiations are all about opening up options for the Australian producers as well as the UK consumer and will be of mutual benefit.” says Mr Stephen Crisp SPA CEO.

The UK will be having the same negotiations with New Zealand (NZ) who are currently the largest exporter of lamb. NZ also have a tight supply situation but have previously had much more favorable access than Australia in both the UK and EU markets.

“Now is a very good time to demonstrate that supply options from Australia will be of great benefit to the UK and Australia.” says Mr Crisp.

Sheep and lamb products are currently sent to a diverse range of countries, however exports to the UK and Europe have been very limited, and BREXIT has thrown even more difficulties into the mix.

“SPA appreciates the efforts of the Federal Government in order to move forward whilst both countries are still dealing with pandemic issues. The current situation with COVID-19 only reinforces the importance of these talks to both countries.” says Mr Crisp


18 June 2020



Stephen Crisp

Chief Executive Officer

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Media Statement I SPA welcomes the UK Free Trade Agreement negotiations 18 June 2020

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