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Sheep Producers Australia announces new Board Director

23 Nov 2022

Sheep Producers Australia is pleased to announce that Mr Brendan Tatham has been voted in for one of the two Board Director positions at yesterday’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). As a national body our vision is to be a trusted influencer, leader and advisor for Australian sheep producers, industry, and government.


Brendan has substantial experience in strategic leadership from his roles in the public sector, including meat and livestock industry research and development, food safety and supply chain security, emergency management and regulatory compliance. Brendan has an Honours Degree in Agricultural Science and a PhD in Biotechnology.


“My appointment as a Board Director of Sheep Producers Australia will enable me to further support the sheep industry and is timely with my experience working with industry and government in the implementation of electronic identification of sheep in Victoria.” says Brendan Tatham.


“Brendan has worked across a range of industries and coordinated at the state level, the management of major incidents including emergency management in animal welfare, food safety, biosecurity, natural disasters, mining, and energy sectors. We welcome Brendan’s appointment and look forward to working with him and having his contribution to the Board.” Mr Andrew Spencer Independent Chair.


Sheep Producers Australia is pleased to advise that Mr Jamie Heinrich has been reappointed for a third term and would like to acknowledge the important role that Ms Allison Horswill and Dr Anne Astin have brought to the Board as they retire.


“I am looking forward to continuing as a Director of Sheep Producers Australia, as a producer I am passionate about the industry and what this organisation can do to provide strategic leadership for Australia’s sheep industry that supports a productive, profitable, and sustainable future. It is an exciting time, and I look forward to continuing to work with the Board and management team.” Mr Jamie Heinrich.


“The Board, staff and members would like to thank Allison for her time on the Board and the incredible contribution she has made. We welcome the re-appointment of Jamie and the value his knowledge and producer perspective in Board discussions and decisions. Anne’s contribution and guidance in her role as Independent Director and Chair of the Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee has been key in seeing the organisations growth and financial stability.”


“The Board will continue to build a strong and effective representative body for the industry, with a focus to support the national traceability implementation to ensure a national harmonised system is in place that works for all stakeholders throughout the supply chain.” Andrew Spencer.


Annie Frisch 0455 999 130

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