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Sheep Producers Australia announces new Independent Chair

28 Oct 2021

Sheep Producers Australia is pleased to announce that Mr Andrew Spencer will be appointed as the new Independent Chair of the Board at the upcoming Annual General Meeting in November, following the expiration of the four year term of Sheep Producers Australia inaugural Chair Mr Chris Mirams.

Sheep Producers Australia is the national body representing Australian sheep producers and our vision is to be a trusted influencer, leader and advisor for Australian sheep producers, industry, and government.

“The position of Independent Chair has been a challenging and rewarding senior national leadership role. Ultimately responsible to its Members, Sheep Producers Australia’s role is to provide national sheep industry leadership, policy, and advocacy and I think Andrew is well placed to take on the role.” Chris Mirams outgoing Independent Chair.

“Andrew is a well-respected leader in Australian agriculture, his strengths lie in his proven abilities in critical analysis, integrity and independent thinking. He is an Experienced Director, Chair and CEO.” Mr Mirams.

Sheep Producers Australia undertook an extensive and independent recruitment process for the Independent Chair role.

“Andrew’s skill set is exactly what Sheep Producers Australia is looking for to further the transformational work that has been achieved over these past four years.” Mr Mirams.

“Despite the great financial position of many producers today, there remains significant challenges for the industry and organisation to address. I expect this will be challenging but also exciting and ultimately very rewarding.” Mr Andrew Spencer.

“I look forward to continuing the great work of my predecessor, Mr. Chris Mirams in building a strong and effective representative body for the industry. Getting to know and to work closely with our producers, the Board, the Policy Council and the team in Canberra is one aspect that I am really looking forward to.” Mr Spencer.

Media to Bonnie Skinner Acting CEO

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