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Producers condemn abattoir cruelty

21 Aug 2018

Producers condemn abattoir cruelty

22 August 2018

Sheep Producers Australia has condemned a shocking display of animal cruelty at a Victorian abattoir, published online this week.

SPA Executive Chair Chris Mirams says the actions captured in the footage are appalling and completely inconsistent with the animal welfare values held by sheep producers.

“Sheep producers are unwavering in their commitment to the highest animal welfare standards and expect that this commitment extends to every part of the supply chain,” Mr Mirams said.

“Sheep producers expect that when their animals leave their properties the same high standards of care that have been provided on the farm are continued.

“Producers also need to have confidence that the systems in place within the processing industry are monitored and enforced to ensure this kind of mistreatment does not happen.”

Mr Mirams says SPA expects swift and decisive action from Gathercoles and the Victorian authorities in response to this incident.

“We will be communicating to Gathercoles on behalf of producers the high priority we place on best practice animal welfare,” he said.

“We will be supporting the Australian Meat Industry Council as the peak industry body for the processing industry as there is no place for this sort of behaviour in any part of the sheep supply chain.”

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