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Sheep Producers Australia welcomes way forward for red meat industry structure

3 July 2019

Sheep Producers Australia (SPA) has today welcomed recommendations to simplify the structure of the red meat sector with new organisations to meet industry, community and levy payers’ needs while reducing duplication and ensuring cost effectiveness.

The recommendation for three separate entities covering industry leadership and oversight, service delivery and industry standards is outlined in A better red meat future: A white paper for the Red Meat Advisory Council.

SPA Chair Chris Mirams said the white paper outlined a bold and visionary option for the industry’s future, which was exactly what SPA had called for in response to the initial consultation phase.

“The white paper highlights the need to create a new fit-for-purpose structure to provide effective national industry leadership. This is a once in 20-year opportunity,” Mr Mirams said.

“We are particularly encouraged by the unity that could be achieved through a single voice at the strategic level for leadership and governance and a single research and development corporation at the service provider level which will be whole of supply chain."

“We acknowledge that the white paper provides both challenges and opportunities for the peak industry councils, which we will need to consider in redefining our future purpose and value proposition. There will need to be new funding streams sought as a result of this restructure."

“As a sector, we will continue to face unprecedented challenges and opportunities in the next decade and while we have achieved a tremendous amount through our current national representation model, industry recognised it is now not fit-for-purpose going forward. We cannot continue to fight todays and tomorrow’s problems with yesterday’s structure and expect the best outcome."

“SPA is looking forward to working with participants in the current Red Meat MoU, namely the other peak industry councils, service providers and the Australian Government, through RMAC as the next phase of consultation begins. SPA is excited about the benefits of unity and what collaborations along the value chain will deliver for producers.”

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