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Joint Statement I Sheep Producers Australia and Cattle Australia welcome Western Australian farmers' funding package

26 Apr 2024

Sheep Producers Australia and Cattle Australia welcome today’s announcement by the Cook Government of a $8.6 million funding package to support our Western Australian producers.


Today’s funding package has been informed by the Dry Season Taskforce (Taskforce), of which Sheep Producers Australia and Cattle Australia are both members.


The Taskforce is working with the Western Australian Government to coordinate the approach to supporting farm businesses and rural communities.


Sheep Producers Australia and Cattle Australia in conjunction with Western Dairy are collecting information on the current situation across the sheep, cattle, and dairy regions of Western Australia to help inform the Taskforce and to assist the government in better understanding the impact the dry season and low market prices are having on livestock producers and their management decisions.*


“Ongoing dry seasonal conditions have compounded existing market issues in WA along with limited turnoff options. The areas most affected are the Wheatbelt, Great Southern, South West, South Coast, and Southern Rangelands. We must work collaboratively to ensure that the appropriate on the ground resources are activated so we are managing the welfare of our animals and our producers.” Bonnie Skinner CEO Sheep Producers Australia.


“This financial assistance package will enable much-needed support and begin to assist in recovery efforts for our producers. Support must be provided not only in the short-term but long-term, and Cattle Australia will continue to advocate to ensure our producers and their livestock receive the support they need. I commend the Cook government in acting and look forward to working with them on any new measures that may be required. This is a sound first step.”  Dr Chris Parker CEO Cattle Australia


Sheep Producers Australia and Cattle Australia will continue to closely monitor the situation and advocate for ongoing and immediate support for the industry.


*Survey to inform the Dry Season Taskforce



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